Angelina & Peter Carberry 

Memories from the Holla  2004

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“I feel very privileged and delighted to have been asked to write a few lines
introducing this most wonderful recording from Peter and Angelina. They are joined
by some special guests John Blake, Laoise Kelly, Liz Kane and also someone who
adds yet another special significance to this recording Peter’s uncle 75 year old Peter
Carberry. I find that I am immediately entranced by this music. It is played with great
reference and dept of spirit and has a huge momentum to it. I’ve taken this music with
me many times, on walks along narrow country roads and I feel that it speaks very
beautiful and powerfully to the rural landscape. The musicians on this recording give
it their all. To comment on various technical aspects of the actual playing like Peter’s
lovely piping touches or Angelina’s powerful rhythmical banjo playing, seems to me
a futile and superfluous exercise because this music is full of Draiocht. I sincerely
hope that it receives the appreciation it deserves”.

“Simply a treasure to the ear and food for the soul.”

Máirtin O’ Connor


Angelina Carberry – Banjo / Tenor Guitar
Peter Carberry – Accordion 
John Blake – Guitar / Piano 
Liz Kane – Fiddle
Laoise Kelly – Harp
Peter Carberry Snr – Pipes