Dan Brouder

The Lark’s Air  2011

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A great recording and magnificent music in a pure traditional vein, this will be widely greeted and marked as one of the best debut albums of years. The style is forever richly fulfilling, the rhythm so excitingly lively throughout the playing of the carefully though-out selections on this album. In fact the whole recording seems to have worked out entirely to plan with excellent accompaniment and well measured number of guests adding to the variety and to the wonderful box playing of Dan Brouder, who hails from Monagee, Newcastle west, Co. Limerick. While loyal to the traditional background of his native west limerik Dan not only plays the box with some effortless creativity but puts his authentic Bruadar lineage beyond a shadow of a doubt with his own compositional flair. Sea go deimhin! Flor – oidhre ar a fhear gaoil, an file cliuiteach agus maistir oilte deire an dain dhirigh, Daithi O Bruadair. Comhghairdeachas o chroi leat a Dan agus maire tu aois do dhuine muinteartha le neart eile de short an albaim alainn seo a chur ar fail duinn go leir. 

– Meaití Jo Shéamais


Dan Brouder – Accordion, Melodeon
Brian Mooney – Bouzouki, Banjo
Brian McGrath – Piano
Seamus O’Kane – Bodhrán
Angelina Carberry – Banjo
Francis O’Connor – Flute
Áine Ní Chonnaile – Fiddle
Donal Sullivan – Flute
Eamon O’Riordan – Flute
Gearoid Dineen – Guitar
Derek Hickey – Accordion